life insurance


Facts:  According to the Life Insurance and Market Research Association (LIMRA)*

  • 63% of consumers don’t purchase life insurance because they think it’s too expensive-but consumers overestimate the cost of life insurance nearly threefold
  • 42% of life insurance shoppers say income replacement and paying for burial and other final expenses is the most important reason to purchase
  • Four in 10 consumers are prompted to shop for life insurance due to a life event, such as death of a loved one
  • One-third of Americans believe they would feel a financial impact within one month of a primary wage earner’s passing, while one-half of Americans say they would feel a financial impact within six months. 

*Facts from LIMRA-Life Insurance Awareness Month, September, 2014.

You do so much to protect your family.  You provide for them every day.  But what would happen if you weren’t here any longer?  Have you planned ahead so those you love would still be provided for?  There are many choices available. It can be confusing to try to sort out what is best for you.   As your guide and consultant, I can help you find the products to meet your needs and your budget.  

Term Life

Term Life is pure protection for a specific period of time.  During the term of the policy, your premiums will not increase.  Term Insurance can offer the most protection for the smallest premium. 

 Whole Life

Whole Life Insurance offers permanent lifetime coverage.  It is a little more expensive that Term because there is no ending date.  You may keep this protection as long as you want, and it builds cash value during the life of the policy.   Whole Life premiums do not increase.   Whole life policies may include terminal illness accelerated benefits

 Children’s Whole Life

Parents or grandparents can purchase a whole life insurance policy for a child at a very low cost.  When the child reaches adulthood, the policy may be turned over to them and added on to with NO underwriting.  

 Accidental Death

Accidents happen every day, so it’s important to protect your family and your investments.

 Final Expense

 Planning ahead will help your loved ones focus on the life you lived, and not have to worry about the financial burden of your final expenses.      .​